Woman swallows AirPods accidentally; claims device recorded audio from her stomach

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Lady swallows AirPods unintentionally; claims gadget recorded audio from her abdomen

The girl had an Ibuprofen 800 pill in a single hand and an AirPod within the different, which she gulped by mistake

A Boston-based lady made a Tiktok video claiming that she had unintentionally swallowed her Apple AirPods and recorded the sound of her abdomen. In response to Carli Bellmer, who goes by the identify of ‘@iamcarliiib, was desiring to take the ache killer pill however by mistake swallowed her left ear’s AirPod.

The girl had an AirPod in her left hand and the drugs, an Ibuprofen 800 pill, in one other hand. The 27-year-old TikToker, after realizing, tried to puke the AirPod out however it didn’t work.
As per information studies, the lady needed to endure an X-ray and the outcomes confirmed that the AirPod was inside her abdomen. The AirPod, luckily, had come out from her abdomen “by the conventional course of occasions.”

“So like, I ate my f***ing left AirPod. I used to be crawling into mattress and I had an ibuprofen 800 in a single hand and my f***ing AirPod — my left earbud — within the different,” stated Bellmer to her followers, as reported by The Unbiased.

The girl claimed that the AirPods was linked to her iPhone and was totally practical inside her abdomen.
Bellmer then stated one thing which sounded weird to a lot of her viewers. She claimed that the AirPod inside her abdomen recorded “gurgling sounds”. She additionally alleged that she was to make a name whereas the gadget was inside her.
The video by the 27-year-old lady has gathered greater than 2.4 million views on TikTok. The frightened lady stated that she would by no means use her AirPods once more.

The story was met with blended reactions on social media. Whereas many had been sympathetic to Bellmer’s expertise, others accused her of creating the story as much as acquire views on social media.

This isn’t the primary weird incident involving AirPods. Final yr a seven-year-old boy from Georgia, United States, swallowed an Airpod that he was holding in his mouth. The boy was rushed to the hospital to take the AirPod out from his abdomen.
A person in Taiwan had additionally swallowed his AirPod in 2019. The gadget was nonetheless working after it was taken out of the person’s physique.

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